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2016-34Which is So Raven?🏆 That's So Raven
2016-35Which is most Hufflepuff?🐇 Hogwarts Kindness Award
2016-36Which is Timeless?👒 Helps Old Ladies
2016-37Which is spookiest?👻 Mulder
2016-38Which Writes and Solves Crimes?🐴 Murder She Wrote
2016-39Which Makes You Itch?🦀 Has Crabs
2016-40Donald Trump or Donald Frump?Alt-Right All Right!
2016-41Which is pseudo Raven?Jon Sno's Hand in Murrige
2016-42Who's the Boss?👫 Probably Angela
2016-43Which is So Russian Lit?❄️ That's So Nabokov
2016-44Which Writes Narcos Fan Fic💋 Pablo's Secret Passion
2016-45Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme?🔪 Iron Chef Japan
2016-46Which Solves Thought Crimes?✊ Orwellian Masterpiece
2016-472 + 3?5🌟
2016-48Fuck, marry, kill?💍 Put a Ring on it
2016-49Jellin' like Magellan?⛵️ Crusin'
2016-50Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?🖼 Stealing Your Art
2016-51The littlest prince?👦🏾 Starboy
2016-52Confusingly Controversial🎅🏾 Santa
2016-53Has the Biggest Resolution🎊 Ready for 2017
2017-1Which is Tastier ?💩 None I guess
2017-2Which is Wizened?🔮 Sees all, kinda creepy
2017-3Which feels your pain?💅 Your new BFF
2017-4Which is the most cosmopolitan?🌃 Livin' in the Big City
2017-5Which is wavyVery wavy
2017-6Cultivates Gentle friendship?🌸 In Terrace House
2017-7Which is a Car Boy?🚗 Busto 3.0
2017-8Which is So Raven?🏆 That's So Raven
2017-9Test election questionPartipation award
2017-10Which is better than MUJI?🦋 Has strong opinions
2017-11Which is valedictorian?🍎 teacher's pet
2017-12Riddle me this:🐧 the penguin
2017-13Which is the 90s🎨 In Living Color
2017-14Which is bae?💃🏿 Everyone's bae
2017-15Which is vaporwave?🎹 Neon Future Confusion
2017-16Where were you on 9/11?😎 Wet Mouth
2017-17Which is Such Doge?🐕 Wow
2017-18Which one would you buy?Virtual Money
2017-19Which has the best beach bodThe Official Sand Dollar Doubloon
2017-20do the crocodilehell yeah, you're the champion
2017-21Which is the jazziest?🎷 Plays the corner
2017-22Which is a miracle of nature?🐙 nature's best mistake
2017-23Which one is more whipped and chained?⛓ you excite me.
2017-24Who likes to rock the party?🇳🇿 I like to rock the party
2017-25Which is the most French?🇫🇷 Croissants for days
2017-26Who'll make it big?🌎 the frog valedictorian
2017-27Which dunks best?Air Bud
2017-28Whose got the time?🌸 4:44
2017-31Which is the sauciest?🏆🔥 Hot like Tabasco
2017-32What is love?Baby don't hurt me
2017-33Who is the hero this city needs?👫 All of us
2017-34Who is your soul mate?👩🏽‍🌾 the one
2017-36Neon Funky Fresh🎆 The Freshest Prince
2017-37Who's for the culture?🐸 Is Ride or Die
2017-39Which gives you the feels?Frog feels
2017-40Which is a big rich town?🗽 has the Power
2017-41Which is my leg?is this a jojo refrence
2017-42Which one you wanna know?And the other?
2017-43Is it a catmeow
2017-44Which is yoga dog?🐶 dog poser
2017-45Who’s totally tubular?🍕 Hot stuff
2017-46Punch an ovenYay! Cool!
2017-47How many sweater vests have swam to the moon🏆 That's So Raven
2017-48Which is Witches?SandWitch
2017-50Saucy soup or soupy sauce?🍲 All the warms in your tummy.
2017-51Spin the bottle🏩 7 minutes in heaven
2017-52Who is the most fly?Dumbo
2018-1It sticks to you🐙 Nickelodeon Slime
2018-2Which is 2018?💐 brave new world
2018-3How cute is Hulks butt?Hawk Eye's cheekbones
2018-5Which is Thor Ragnarok?💐 Team work makes the dream work
2018-7what is art🌬 silence and fury
2018-9Which is a remy boy?1738
2018-10Who's a good dog?🐕 aww
2018-11Atomic or OrganicElectronic
2018-12Why Harry PotterPotter Head
2018-13All the designsHello!
2018-14why is the sky yellowyes
2018-15Is dating Siri dangerous? World cup
2018-16I think about you in colors that don't exist🌈 Romance